Memorable Attractions to Remember for a Lifetime
Malta is a popular tourist destination, with more than a million tourists per year. This is quite impressive, considering that Malta’s population is less than half a million. Tourism infrastructure has increased dramatically over the years and a number of premium-quality hotels are present on the island. Although, luxury hotels are not the only attractions worth experiencing on the island.
The most majestic outdoor landmark is undoubtedly Blue Grotto (That-il-Hnejja for the locals). Blue Grotto is actually a Geologic Formation with a number of caverns located on the south coast of Malta, near the village of Qrendi. Boat trips to visit the caves, scuba diving snorkeling and rock climbing are the most popular activities there. For romantics, a unique sight can be observed there, especially after sunrise, whereat sunlight meets the seawater and several shades of blue unroll in front of your eyes mixed with the phosphorescent colors of the underwater flora. ‘Knights Spectacular 1565’ is another attraction that you ought to attend in Malta, combining history and amusement.
Enjoy your meal while watching the equestrian performers in the arena revive the Great Siege of Malta. For those who love religion, Malta will recompense them with marvelous old churches, chapels and cathedrals. According to the locals, in Malta are located 365 churches, one for every day of the year. It is really interesting that most of the temples have two main clocks showing different time each, in order to befool devil that way. The most significant temple is the Church of St. Mary (or Rotunda) in Mosta, one of the biggest churches in Europe. Inside the temple you can also admire a replica of a missile that fell on the dome during World War II and never erupt due to St. Mary’s divine miracle. But miracles are not Rotunda’s exclusiveness. In Rabat, near Mdina, you may visit St. Dominic’s Priory, where the copy of the statue of ‘Crying Madonna of the Grotto’ is hosted. It is said that the original statue cried blood in the year 1999.
Choosing one of the above does not hesitate to explore dungeons and catacombs museums, which are remarkable also during your vacations in Malta. The island promises you an unforgettable experience, if you taste it till the last drop!