Malta, the Island of Knights and Legends
A lot of islands claim the title of ‘The Island of Knights’, but if we ought to ascribe such a characterization to a place, Malta would be that place for sure. Despite its small extent, Malta is a country that is able to satisfy even the most demanding visitors. Choosing between medieval or modern scenery and enjoying the sea and beaches or the rural landscape, the island is replete of little treasure attractions. So, get equipped with your best mood and relive the medieval period.
Mdina is perhaps the most convenient town in Malta to make your feel like a Knight. Mdina is the old capital of Malta and a medieval walled town, situated on a hill in the centre of the island. Its population still lives inside those walls and can enter the city by three gates, which are named after the conquerors of the city. The main entrance, which is designed by the French architect Charles François de Mondion in 1724, is a typical gate of an old castle. Feel free to rent a horse carriage and wander around Mdina’s small backstreets, admiring St. Paul's Cathedral or hop off to pay a visit to Natural History Museum or Mdina Dungeons. However, Mdina is not the only walled town on the island. Valletta, the current capital, is the cultural, touristic and administrative centre of Malta.
Pose for a photo in front of its enormous walls and next to the imposing fountain of Triton, while deciding the route of your walk in Valletta’s stone streets. Walk through time visiting old churches, medieval fortresses, museums and return to the present shopping from a big variety of stores or enjoying your coffee in an outdoor café. For those who want to slip from such an atmosphere, there is Popeye Village located at Anchor Bay. It is about the original scenery that was used for the 1980’s movie with Robin Williams, which is now a romantic amusement park.
There are many more than the above attractions on the island which can make you praise your decision to travel to Malta. So, give yourself the opportunity to discover more of Malta and its ‘brother’, the fabulous Gozo Island.